1. List down as many article ideas as you can
  2. Give each article a biz value, audience and content category
  3. Google and find similar articles to the one you plan to write, list the best ones here
  4. Use an SEO tool to find the amount of traffic and backlinks to the similar articles you find, this will help you determine if this topic is worth writing about
  5. In the notes section, highlight how you plan to write something better/different/more personal than the best similar article you found.
  6. Then prioritise which article to write based on business value and target audience


Audience 🙋🏻‍♂️

1 = Target audience 1

2 = Target audience 2

Business value 💵

0 = No way to mention your biz

1 = Mention your biz in passing

2 = Your biz is highly relevant to article

3 = Your biz is the focus of the article

Content Category 😻

1 = Theme 1

2 = Theme 2

3 = Theme 3